02 December 2015

Nanaimo Bars: Making Memories With Your Kids

Today's featured recipe comes from Group A blogger, Erin of Making Memories With Your Kids, who made Nanaimo Bars from her assigned blog, Sid's Sea Palm Cooking. I haven't ever had Nanaimo Bars, but from Erin's description...I am missing out. That middle layer is like a custard. YUM! And this is another no bake recipe! SCORE!

Erin had this to say about her recipe:

Featured Recipe | Nanaimo Bars from Making Memories With Your Kids #nobake #SRCHolidayTreats #bars #dessert

"I’ve made these in years past but not for quite awhile.  And, believe it or not, when I was telling my friends about Nanaimo Bars, they had never heard of them.  Gasp!  I needed to fix that ASAP."

Get the recipe for Nanaimo Bars here.

Stay tuned for another great recipe tomorrow!


Sid Seapalmcooking said...

Nanaimo Bars are nothing short of amazing. But then again, I'm just a tad prejudiced, since I grew up 30 miles south of Nanaimo. And I think it's past time I made them again. Erin's bars are much prettier than mine usually turn out but they all taste good. I really enjoyed this month's bonus Reveal, it was a lot of fun and calories.

Cathleen said...

I grew up with Nanaimo bars! Me and my family would visit Nanaimo occasionally, but you can pretty much get them anywhere in Canada. Even in Starbucks! I really need to make them sometime for myself..