15 January 2016

Gold Member: Sarah

We've reached the last of our Gold Members for 2016 - all of the 2016 receipients joined Secret Recipe Club in its first year: 2011. Our last Gold Member is in Group C (originally Group A) and she would live in pjs if it was acceptable.

That's right - today's feature is Sarah of The Pajama Chef! She started her blog in 2010 and joined SRC in November 2011. Sarah and her husband, Ben, live in Nashville with their three kitties - I love that they have middle names - ours do, too. They are expecting their first child this year - a baby boy. :) Congrats to you two! When she's not at work as an academic librarian or running (she loves doing 5ks and marathons), she is whipping up something in the kitchen.

Let's see what Sarah has whipped up for SRC over the years:

I have been around since October 2011 making me a 2011 veteran member of SRC, but I'm not the only 2011 veteran member who has missed a reveal day here and there. Here are some more of our great members who have been around for FOREVER and we love them for it: Trisha, Andrea, Nicole C., Erin D., Amanda, Amy L., Jean, Jessica, Nichole, Corina, Kathy, Dena, Ellie, Micha, Jane, Heather, Margaret, Sara, April, Kirstin, Amy C., and Amy D. Y'all may not be "official" gold members, but you are all gold to me! Okay, okay, I know, that was TOO cheesy. ;) Thank you all for being the foundation of The Secret Recipe Club

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Sarah said...

Oh goodness, thank you! I had no idea I had been a SRC member for this long!! So fun :)