08 January 2016

Gold Member: Karen

Today's Gold Member is someone who left Group D for Group C and then came back again. She joined up in October 2011 and has not missed a single reveal day...who is it exactly? The lovely Karen of Lavender & Lovage!

Karen spends her time between England and France and is currently working on a cookbook. She is passionate about writing and recipe developing and you can really see that in every single post she does. Her pictures are absolutely gorgeous and it doesn't matter if it's a food you hate, Karen will make you drool with her description and photo of it. Karen started Lavender & Lovage in 2011 and you will find a plethora of recipes on her blog. There is a little of everything, really.

Some of Karen's best SRC recipes:

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April said...

Great accomplishment Karen, never missing a post in four years is no easy feat!