13 January 2016

Gold Member: Jamie

Jamie of Our Eating Habits started her blog in 2011 and joined SRC in Nov 2011. She is a group C member and our next Gold Member - that means since joining SRC, Jamie has not missed one reveal day. Jamie loves to cook and bake and loves food - she says she doesn't want to waste calories on bad food. I am totally with her on that! :) Her blog has tons and tons of really delicious foods - be sure to stop by and find something new to make.

In the meantime, have a little inspiration from her years with SRC:

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calgarygreenfees.com said...

What an astoundingly beautiful woman. Okay, I am her husband, but still! Thank you SRC for all the delicious recipes you bring into our home. Jamie is an unbelievable cook (and wife, in general) and it is fun to be at the table when new recipes stream in from around the world every month. Congrats, Jamie, on hitting gold! You've always been a gold star wife.