31 December 2015

Countdown to 2016: Most Popular

Join us as we say goodbye to 2015 and countdown to 2016 with our best recipes from this year! What recipes did readers like most this year? Read on...
Find some new recipes to try in the new year, as we say goodbye to 2015. The Countdown to 2016 has a slew of #recipes from many food blogs! #Countdownto2016 #newyear

Tomorrow is the first day of 2016, so what better way to wrap up 2015 than to share the very best recipes of 2015. Today's category is the recipes that were most popular on our blogs - the ones with the most views. Right below the blog hop, you will find the five most viewed recipes on the SRC blog. Three tied for 2nd place for most views, which really surprised me! :)

  1. Banana Chocolate Chip Granola Muffins from Rainstorms & Love Notes
  2. Oven Fried KFC Chicken Copycat from Karen's Kitchen Stories
  3. Corn "Crack" Dip from A Day in the Life on the Farm
  4. Ranch Corn on the Cob from Palatable Pastime
  5. Raspberry-Chocolate Brownies from The Heritage Cook