30 December 2015

Countdown to 2016: Best Crockpot Recipes

Join us as we say goodbye to 2015 and countdown to 2016 with our best recipes from this year! Today, we celebrate the best tool in the kitchen: the crockpot!
Find some new recipes to try in the new year, as we say goodbye to 2015. The Countdown to 2016 has a slew of #recipes from many food blogs! #Countdownto2016 #newyear

I love my crockpot and its versatility - and it's near foolproofness. When I was first married, I couldn't make a pot roast to save my life. I was the person who could make it burnt and dry on the outside and still rare in the middle. Still not sure how I did that cooking it low and slow in the oven, basting it, but I did. Once I received a crockpot, my roasts have always turned out perfectly. I think my husband, Nick, is very thankful for my crockpot :) Now let's see what made the SRC list for best crockpot recipes of 2015 and what everyone else is sharing on their blogs!



Unknown said...

Breakfast casserole in the slow cooker is one we need to try.

Heather said...

Yeah! I have so many friends always asking about the Chicken Enchilada Dip and love that it is so easy to make!