09 January 2015

Member Fave: Raspberry-Chocolate Brownies

Today's guest post comes from one of our veteran SRC members and former Group A hostess, Jane of The Heritage Cook!

Being a member of the Secret Recipe Club is a privilege and a whole lot of fun. I joined shortly after the first group was formed, when there was just one group. We’ve grown so much that we now have four groups, each posting on sequential Mondays.

The benefits of being a member are extensive, far beyond just having a fun excuse to post a new recipe once a month. We are part of a very active blogging community where people are happy to help if we have an issue or are running a Giveaway and need more people to sign up. You can ask questions, nothing is too trivial, and receive guidance from more experience bloggers. You never know how you might be able to help someone else or they you.

Of course the most enjoyable aspect of the SRC is having the opportunity to explore a new blogger’s site each month. We get the thrill of sneaking around your buddy’s page and picking just the right recipe. Making and surprising our SRC Buddy on reveal day is a lot of fun and it is always interesting to see how someone else interpreted one of your own recipes.

Member Fave: Raspberry-Chocolate Brownies from The Heritage Cook #brownies #dessert #recipe #SecretRecipeClub

When Sarah asked us to talk about our favorite SRC recipe, I struggled. I’ve been with this group for four years, I have over 40 to choose from. How could I narrow it down? And then I remembered the Raspberry-Chocolate Brownies I made from Chris and Rachel Keenan’s site, The Keenan Cookbook.  From the top these look like any frosted brownie, full of chocolate goodness. But hidden beneath the frosting is a layer of raspberry jam! You bite down and the raspberry explodes in your mouth, balancing the chocolate with a touch of tart sweetness. There is a reason why this combination is a favorite of pastry chefs around the world.

Come on over to The Heritage Cook for the recipe and a glimpse into my family. I know these brownies will become a favorite in your home too!


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Jess K said...

Wow, that picture is absolutely mouth watering! Visited the website and pinned this recipe, can't wait to try!