01 January 2015

Countdown to 2015: Pick Your Poison

On the last day of the Countdown to 2015, foodies are sharing their own category roundups! Be sure to check them out! #Countdownto2015 #recipes

Today's theme for the first day of the new year is to "Pick Your Poison", which simply means, posters get to choose what they want the category to be. For the SRC blog here, I will be sharing links to our top 5 reveal days. This means you all can check out over 150 recipes with these 5 links! Below you will find what other foodies picked for their "poison" today! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

  1. November 3rd - Group A
  2. September 1st - Group A
  3. August 25th - Group D
  4. October 6th - Group A
  5. September 8th - Group B

Check out the rest of the best of 2014!

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