08 January 2015

Member Fave: Bread and Butter Pudding for One

Today another Group D member is sharing their favorite SRC post - take it away, Shirley of Enriching Your Kid!

Having participated in the Secret Recipe Club reveals for 4 years now I've really enjoyed each and every recipe that I have been privileged to explore. As my favourite post I've picked Bread and Butter pudding for one.

Member Fave: Bread & Butter Pudding for One from Enriching Your Kid #breakfast #recipe #SecretRecipeClub

This recipe is a delicious blend of bread pudding and French toast. It's healthy since its baked using whole wheat bread and jaggery to sweeten. Using a muffin tray gives you an easy and good looking serving too. You nearly devour it when you sink into the crispy peaks and get to the soft depths. An easy, quick and delectable dish all in one.

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