12 January 2015

Member Fave: No Knead Bread

Today, we will be hearing from Sid of Sid's Sea Palm Cooking - she's got a fantastic recipe to share!

Trying to pick just one recipe out of the two dozen or so that I've made for the Secret Recipe Club was so hard.

Almost as hard as trying to find the 'one' recipe each month.

I like them all. I have fun exploring my assigned blogs to find them, and 'know' when I find the 'right'
one that I want to make and blog about. And the majority of the recipes that I made and blogged
about, I shared with friends.

One nice side benefit of having good friends, I get to experiment on them.

I have to admit that there is one recipe I found, courtesy of my Secret Recipe Club assignment, which
stands out, mainly because I've made it so often. And also played with it just a little.

And that would have to be the No-Knead bread.
Member Fave: No Knead Bread from Sid's Sea Palm Cooking #bread #recipe #SecretRecipeClub

I'm so stoked that I found this 'one' recipe. I've made it for just about every gathering I could make it
for since then. In fact I even made a loaf for Christmas Eve.

I've also had fun with taking pictures of every single loaf I've made so far. And with all that bread, I've only had one failure, but even that one was edible.

I have to learn to keep a pair of reading glasses in the kitchen from now on. That jar of bread machine
yeast, I accidentally bought, doesn't work really well on No-Knead bread. Very little rise. But we ate
it anyway.

I do want to say thanks to the Secret Recipe Club and Julie from Little Bit of Everything, for not only a lot of fun, but a wonderful recipe that I will continue to make and enjoy.

And also many thanks to Sarah and the other wonderful hostesses who keep we wayward bloggers on
track and focused.

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