19 September 2014

Most Popular: Chili Mac & Cheese: Get Off The Couch And Cook

After a great reveal day for Group C, it's time to reveal the "Most Popular" recipe. This recipe was chosen by YOU the readers. YOU loved it and now I'm sharing it! Our most viewed recipe was Chili Mac & Cheese from Sashi of Get Off The Couch & Cook.

Sashi had this to say about the recipe...

Most Popular: Chili Mac & Cheese from Get Off The Couch And Cook #secretrecipeclub

"It was so creamy and cheesy with a wonderful kick from the taco meat and tomatoes with chiles.  I admit that it’s not the most appealing looking meal which is why I am certain Kate called a similar dish from her childhood “Glop.”"

Get the recipe for Chili Mac & Cheese here.

Stay tuned for Group D's reveal day coming next Monday, September 22!

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