10 September 2014

Cranberry Clementine Gin: Culinary Adventures with Camilla

Today's featured recipe comes from Group B. Camilla of Culinary Adventures with Camilla made Cranberry Clementine Gin from her assigned blog, Rachel Cotterill. I love seeing Camilla's recipes - she is definitely adventurous in the kitchen and this reveal day was no different than any other day. While I've never had gin, cranberry and clementine sounds like a delicious combination!

Camilla had this to say about her recipe:

Featured Recipe: Cranberry Clementine Gin from Culinary Adventures with Camilla #secretrecipeclub

"I have always enjoyed the evergreen-y notes of a good gin. And when I saw Rachel's Cranberry Gin, it just screamed 'holidays' to me. Think cranberry garlands draped over pine branches! So, I went with it, but this batch will likely not make it all the way to the holidays. I'm thinking as a take-away for our annual Halloween party. Bloody Ghoulish Gin or something like that."

Get the recipe for Cranberry Clementine Gin here.

Stay tuned for another great Group B recipe tomorrow!

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