28 August 2014

Tomato Bacon Jam: Making Miracles

Today's featured recipe comes from Group D. Rebekah of Making Miracles made Tomato Bacon Jam from her assigned blog, Feed Me Seymour. I think I speak for all bacon lovers when I say, "WOW! I need this in my life ASAP." Not only does it look fabulous on the Triple Bypass Bacon Burger below, but on Ritz crackers and grilled cheese that Rebekah also shared pictures of.

Rebekah had this to say about her recipe:

Tomato Bacon Jam [as seen on Triple Bypass Bacon Burger] | Making Miracles

"I ended up falling head over heels for the Tomato Bacon Jam, and we took this amazing recipe just a step further and turned it into an integral part of the Triple Bypass Bacon Burgers"

Get the recipe for Tomato Bacon Jam here.

Stay tuned for another great Group D recipe tomorrow!

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