27 August 2014

Singaporean Curried Vegetable Noodles: Hapa-tite

Today's featured recipe comes from Group D. Nicole of Hapa-tite made Singaporean Curried Vegetable Noodles from her assigned blog, Tara's Multicultural Table. Nicole is always posting the best foods! I am constantly drooling and wanting a bowl/plate of whatever it is she has posted - even if it's something I've never tried before. I think it's such a talent to make someone want to step outside their comfort zone - just with a picture!

Nicole had this to say about her recipe:

Singaporean Curried Vegetable Noodles | Hapa-tite

"One of our favorite dishes to get when we order takeout or visit the local dim sum restaurant is Singaporean Curry Noodles. It has the perfect level of spiciness (flavor, not heat) and the little nuggets of meat and vegetables break up the monotony of the noodles. I was a bit lazy and used some stir fry vegetables and packaged sauce from Trader Joe’s, but I counter-acted that laziness by topping the noodles with some home-grown Thai Basil."

Get the recipe for Singaporean Curried Vegetable Noodles here.

Stay tuned for another great Group D recipe tomorrow!

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