29 April 2016

Most Popular: Pandesal (Filipino Bread Rolls): Karen's Kitchen Stories

After a great reveal day for Group D, it's time to reveal the "Most Popular" recipe. This recipe was chosen by YOU the readers. YOU loved it and now I'm sharing it! Our most viewed recipe was Pandesal (Filipino Bread Rolls) from Karen of Karen's Kitchen Stories.

Karen had this to say about the recipe...

Most Popular Recipe of the Week | Pandesal (Filipino Bread Rolls) from Karen's Kitchen Stories #recipe #SecretRecipeClub #bread #rolls #Filipino

"While they are not served at dinner in the Philippines, I think the bread would make amazing dinner rolls. They're incredible straight from the oven and slathered with butter. Personally, I think they would also be perfect for hamburger sliders!"

Get the recipe for Pandesal (Filipino Bread Rolls) here.

Stay tuned for Group A's reveal day coming next Monday, May 2nd!

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