05 November 2014

Slow Cooker Gingered Applesauce: Edesia's Notebook

Today's featured recipe comes from Group A. Lesa of Edesia's Notebook made Slow Cooker Gingered Applesauce from her assigned blog, Renee's Kitchen Adventures. I have never made homemade applesauce but I have a feeling that this one would be a superb recipe to start out with. And it has ginger as well!

Lesa had this to say about her recipe:

Featured Recipe | Slow Cooker Gingered Applesauce from Edesia's Notebook #SecretRecipeClub #recipe

"I made applesauce in the slow cooker last year, but I lost the paper I wrote down my recipe on.  Bummer.  Renee's recipe really intrigued me because I love ginger and I thought it was such a genius idea to put it in applesauce.  I couldn't wait to try it."

Get the recipe for Slow Cooker Gingered Applesauce here.

Stay tuned for another great Group A recipe tomorrow!

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