09 October 2014

Magic Triangles: Jessie Weaver

Today's featured recipe comes from Group A. Jessie of Jessie Weaver, the Vanderbilt Wife made Magic Triangles from her assigned blog, Adventures in All Things Food. I love the smorgasbord type cookies/bars - you just throw whatever you have in your baking cabinet in and it turns out like heaven!

Jessie had this to say about her recipe:

Featured Recipe | Magic Triangles from Jessie Weaver #secretrecipeclub

"They are easy to customize with what you have. I didn’t have as many mini-marshmallows as I thought I did, so I threw some little caramel pieces on and they added a great chewy factor. I used a mix of dark and white chocolate chips, omitted nuts, and only put coconut on half since my husband doesn’t like it. I was wishing I had put some nuts on top, though, because I think the sweet-salty factor would really put these over the top! (Pretzels might work, too. YUMMM!)"

Get the recipe for Magic Triangles here.

Stay tuned for another great Group A recipe tomorrow!

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