05 February 2016

Most Popular: Italian Fry Bread: Shockingly Delicious

After a great reveal day for Group A, it's time to reveal the "Most Popular" recipe. This recipe was chosen by YOU the readers. YOU loved it and now I'm sharing it! Our most viewed recipe was Italian Fry Bread from Dorothy of Shockingly Delicious.

Dorothy had this to say about the recipe...

Most Viewed Recipe of the Week | Italian Fry Bread from Shockingly Delicious #recipe #SecretRecipeClub #quickbread #bread

"Garlic Bread is always welcome to sop up the sauce with this main dish, but that’s old hat. I needed a new idea, and I found it in the form of Indian Fry Bread. It’s a simple, flat, biscuit-like dough quickly fried in a skillet. A typical fry bread has flour, baking powder, salt and water, and it is fried in oil, shortening or lard. But what if I added Italian seasonings and herbs to that simple dough, and fried it quickly in olive oil?"

Get the recipe for Italian Fry Bread here.

Stay tuned for Group B's reveal day coming next Monday, February 8th!

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