24 April 2015

Most Popular: Spring Corn Salsa: Angel's Homestead

After a great reveal day for Group C, it's time to reveal the "Most Popular" recipe. This recipe was chosen by YOU the readers. YOU loved it and now I'm sharing it! Our most viewed recipe was Spring Corn Salsa from April of Angel's Homestead.

April had this to say about the recipe...

Most Viewed Recipe of the Week | Spring Corn Salsa from Angel's Homestead #SecretRecipeClub #recipe #corn #salsa #appetizer #sidedish

"Flowers are blooming everywhere, and farm babies are jumping around on neighboring farms. So I was in the mood for something bright and colorful, just like those spring flowers. And boy did I find it in this fresh and pretty Spring Salsa recipe. "

Get the recipe for Spring Corn Salsa here.

Stay tuned for Group D's reveal day coming next Monday, April 27th!


April said...

Thanks for making this the most popular recipe for group C this month! This stuff is amazing, try it soon!

Avril said...

One of my all time favorite recipes! :-)